Where´s your service available?

We are just starting off and so far we are limiting our offer to the cities of Darmstadt, Dieburg, Messel and the surrounding area (there´s a list on the booking
site) for the time being. However, by all means get in touch if you live close by and are interested in our offer - but note that we are currently only offering our free delivery and pick-up service in the named cities. You can, however, help us expanding our offer by telling all your friends about it!

How do I get started?

Check out our website, fill in the form and send it off. We will get in touch with you and will arrange a date for the delivery of your rental bike. We´ll bring the bike (including a lock with a key) to you on the arranged date. Please have the registration fee (50,00 €) as well as the first monthly fee ready in cash upon handover. Also don´t forget that we will need some kind of official identification from you, so please also have your valid ID at hand.

What kind of bike will I get from you?

A very pretty one of course! You can view the bike in all its splendour and in full detail right at the top of the website.

How much does it cost me in total and what do I get for my money?

The one-off registration fee is 50,00 € (to be paid upon handover) and the monthly fee is 25,00 € if you´d like the freedom of being able to cancel your bike rental contract on a monthly basis. The rental contract includes free pick-up and delivery service (for now only available in the city of Darmstadt) and all repairs – except for accidents and gross negligence.

How do I pay?

You´ll be required to pay the one-off registration fee and the first monthly fee in cash upon handover. After that, we will ask you for permission to deduct the further monthly fees from your bank account. We will obviously stop deducting the fee should you decide to terminate the contract. Be assured that we attach utmost importance to the careful use of your personal data as well as to your bank account details!

What happens if I have an accident with my rental bike?

We treat damage caused by an accident – regardless of who is responsible for the accident – as gross negligence. We will fix the bike and will send you the invoice. If you weren´t the one causing the accident, you´ll be able to submit the invoice to the insurance of the responsible party and claim back your money. We apply industry-standard rates for the repair.

Is there anything else I need to take into consideration?

Always lock the wheel with the frame lock and with the chain to a fixed object.
Treat the bike as if it was your own!
Check the air pressure before each ride and put a drop of oil on the chain every now and then.
Don´t ride the bike if you have a feeling that something might be wrong with it.
Do not let anyone sit on the luggage rack.
If you have bags, baskets or anything similar attached to the bike, you must remove all of that before giving the bike back to us.
Please do not attach any stickers to the bike, apply paint or alter the bike in any way!

What do I do if there´s something wrong with the bike?

You report the defect to us - preferably via the form on the website. We´ll arrange a suitable date and will deliver another bike to you. We can normally exchange the bike within 24 hours between Mondays and Fridays.

What happens if the bike is stolen?

If the bike is stolen, please inform us immediately; preferably via the form on our website. Also, make sure to report the theft to the police and your insurance company within 24 hours. If you don´t have your own insurance, you´ll only have to pay the retention of 120,00 € - and we´ll handle the rest. We`ll arrange a suitable date and will bring you another bike.

I can´t find the key – what do I do?

Make sure to check everywhere twice! If the key really is lost, we´ll exchange the lock. We´ll have to charge 25,00 € for the exchange.

My bank account was not covered and the fee could not be deducted. What now?

That can happen to anyone of us. Just get in touch with us and transfer the amount. Unfortunately there are costs for your and our bank and also for us. Therefore, we have to charge a fee of 10,00 €. If you refuse to pay without returning the bike, we will have to terminate the contract and report the bike as stolen.

What if I do not need a bike anymore?

You can cancel informally at any time with a notice period of 7 working days to the end of a contractual month. We´ll contact you to make an appointment and pick up the bike again.

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